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Welcome To SMS Ad

Our Concept

  • SMS Ad is Like a Digital Phone
  • API like , Twilio , Plivo , Karix, Nexmo etc is Like a sim card
  • You Link API to SMS AD
  • and send sms

Why Choose US ?

We have all Tools you need

SMS Ad is Digital Phone where you can Easily Link your Messaging API like , Twilio , Plivo , Karix, Nexmo etc & Engage with Your Client on worldwide using Two way inbox, We have all Tools your are looking for , Your satifection is our first Goal.

99.9% Delivery

We have List Scanner

0.002$ is cost per 1 contact

what is Benifit for me ?

This can save a lot when you scan List you will Find these carrier Type

  • Mobile
  • Landline
  • Paging
  • Special Services( like police etc)
  • Toll Free
  • Premium Rate
  • Satellite
  • invalid

Bulk SMS

Send SMS with Time Distance

Link Any API and send Bulk sms with auto time distance , 1 click sending Procedure ,you will Get Notified on Messaging Task Completion we have alot more for you on this Unique Service.

2 Way Communication

Reply same like you do on your mobile phone

Status : New, Replied , Read, Faild , Underlivered + Message searching in all your Messages + alot More we will Explain soon

New Upcoming Features
1: People Number verification(save money and time)
2: File scanning 
3: subscription features modification
4: Karix , Nexmo(vonage) ,plivo on queue to update 
5: call dailing from dashboard 
6: voicemail self changing from dashboard
7: Auto reply setup Activation(already system set need to Activate ) 

Extra Updates 
A: Email setup  developed waiting to verify the inbox delivery

B: Call blaster( experienced but yet not sure Expected to update on dashboard soon )