Latest Updates

Whats New ?

we have Made following improvements

  • AutoMatic Uploader
  • Number Scanning tool
  • API Update & Switcher
  • Add new API
  • AutoMatic Uploader:

  • About New Uploader

    • Now its more Easier then before New Uploader sort all your contact automatically , two Steps required
    • Step 1: Link file
    • Step 2: send Message

    How it works ?

    Follow These steps to send sms Blast

    • Click Contacts Upload center
    • Click Upload Tab
    • Select File from your PC/Laptop/Mac by clicking CHOSE FILE Button
    • Select Prefix from Prefix dropdown according to your file contacts
    • Type country name or country code in country code Field next to Prefix dropdown, List of country codes will Appear select according to your contact list
    • Select Complexity level From Dropdown
    • Select your Source/Virtual Numbers from list Below
    • Hit Upload
    • Be patient once you see black background color screen with some messages and button wait till that
    • if you do not touch any button system will redirect you to Bulk sms Page
    • On Bulk sms Page Type your sms make it branded
    • Hit Send Message Button
    • Be patient and you will see Task complete message
  • Add new API:

  • Add new API : If on updating list you don't see any API or your specific API or you didn't install any API before click Add new API this will help you ADD NEW API
  • Update API:

  • Update API : to update an Api, on Same page there is a dropdownlist will you select An API of your choice in next step you will be asked for account ownership verification after verifying your ownership by entering your account password you will see the details of your old added API or in other sense your Linked API , you can modify that API by adding / replacing new details in current fields by clicking update API you will receive an OTP code after verifying that otp code you will successfully Update API

Process To install New API :

  • click on ADD NEW API , when you click on the add new API popup will appear. on that popup click the dropdown List and select your specific API the one you want to add to once you add your details in field Please wait few Seconds also system will show you waiting message on top of the popup By following that message please wait couple of seconds, Now if your API is valid click on on button Add New API system will send OTP on your registered Mobile number. once you enter OTP code you have received on your mobile number in the input field. if in case your OTP code is wrong you will see and input field again, you must verify you are OTP code to successfully install your API on

How can I switch my API ?

  • To switch an API Please you need to Select your API from drop down list in update section and after selection you need to ReEnter information like a SID , token etc according to requirement you see on your screen in input fields , after entering your details and verifying the OTP you will see four buttons
  • Activate & Update as Default
  • Update API
  • Resent OTP
  • Cancel
  • Now you can click on activate and update as default this will activate your API as default in your dashboard you can switch any time.

Multi API USAGE Pricing

  • To use multi API in same month you will pay according to your package per API and per phone number
  • If in case you have two APIs Twilio and Plivo and you want to use both in the same month and you have 2 virtual numbers on Twilio And 2 virtual numbers on Plivo according to a pricing structure we charge per virtual number which is 5$ now according to this It's become four virtual numbers and you will have to pay for virtual numbers price but if you don't want to use multi APIs in the same month you can switch API monthly let's suppose if you use twilio in month of August and you want to switch in next month September to Plivo you can do that for free remember you can also use more API per month according to the package you need to buy As explain above.
If you have Found any mistake or something is missing Please Forgive us & please inform support on time , Thank you